Lusiya Resyan, Ashley Holdsworth (honorary president), Elizabeth Jack (member of the Committee as Soprano representative), Susan Sheldon (the choir’s vocal coach and soloist)


Moira Campbell, Susan Geddes (member of the Committee as Alto representative), Lin Li, Marija Nilova, Elvira Martemyanova, Yelena Sedounov, Yevgenia Toft, Vera Wilson, Natalia Yatskevich (honorary secretary).


Marian Mead, Lawrence Osborne, Graham Hair, George Lapshynov (member of the Committee as Tenor representative), Alan Henderson (soloist)


Fred Hay, Brian Quail, Igor' Martemyanov, Ambrose Chen (web designer), John Davies, Derek Logan (member of the Committee as Bass representative), Richard Pilley (honorary treasurer),  Andrew Bett


SUSAN SHELDON            

Our honorary president,

soloist, vocal coach

Susan Sheldon's first solo programme was when she was 6. She went on to sing with Brighton Festival Chorus as a choir member and occasional soloist, and for the next few years sang recitals in Sussex music clubs and everywhere else she was asked.  After a move to Scotland, she sang for a few years before taking a break.  On re-entering the musical world, she joined the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus, which she recently left so she can concentrate more fully on her increasing solo work, and her pupils. In 2009, she joined Russkaya Cappella as a choir member and soloist, and stayed.