By Joanna Magoufakis

On the 31st of January, a memorial service was held at the University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel for Dr Stuart Campbell.

The service was led by the Church of Scotland and hymns were sang by both the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir and Russkaya Cappella, who sang Russian Orthodox Liturgical chant. Both choirs have in the past been directed by Stuart. He was the musical director of the Glasgow University Chapel Choir from 1975 until 1999.

This was a very special service that brought together all who worked or sang with him, but also joined together two beautiful choral traditions.

Thanks to Stuart's many years of work as both conductor and teacher in Scotland, there has developed a large musical society, whose representatives are interested in the musical heritage of Russia. As a tribute to the memory of Stuart; a specialist in Russian music, both choirs performed the "Our Father" by N. Kedrov, in Church Slavonic. (See video below)

We hope that this is the beginning of an annual tradition to commemorate Stuart.

Thank you all for being there with us!